Monday Morning Church

Darryl Taliaferro

Darryl Taliaferro, General Overseer at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, TN talks about:
>Using a radio show to tackle topics others don’t touch
>How to base a financially viable church on college students
>How to stay active in the community

Dale Winson

Dale Winson, Executive Pastor of Operations at The Crossing in Costa Mesa, CA, talks about:
>Jumping onto the board without knowing much of the Bible
>Creating a super-simple dashboard with RockRMS
>Succession planning

Bill Brown

Bill Brown, Executive Pastor at Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park, IL, talks about:
>The change in the XP role over 13 years
>Thinking of events through the eyes of a church member
>Normal vs. abnormal development challenges for new locations

Derrick Puckett

Derrick Puckett, lead pastor at Renewal Church of Chicago, talks about:
>The intentionality required behind being a multi-ethnic church
>Church planting in your house with high amounts of diversity every where you look
>Building a leadership pipeline from the ground up

Nathan Witiuk

Nate Witiuk, Executive Pastor at Awaken Church in Clarksville, TN, talks about
>The importance of buy-in from leaders
>Adopting a part-time staff mentality
>Communicating the why

Mark Mateer

Mark Mateer, Executive Director at Bayside Community Church in Sarasota, FL, talks about:
>The importance of tweaking and making things better
>How they hire 95% internally
>Building or augmenting skills that leaders lack

Jarod Christman

Jarod Chrisman, Finance Director at Southbrook Church in Miamisburg, OH, talks about
>Ways to keep up on IT, Finance, and Legal challenges
>Out-of-the-box ideas for reducing construction costs
>Debt reduction priorities

Paul Baldwin

Paul Baldwin, XP at Miami Vineyard in Miami, FL, talks about
>The tension between the X and the P
>The importance of identifying a +1
>Why assimilation is such an important topic

Errol Coner

Errol Coner, Executive Pastor at the Concord Church in Dallas, Texas, talks about
>How selling software ended up preparing him for an XP role
>A massive list of tech tools
>Building volunteer pipelines

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly, Executive Pastor of Operations at Emmanuel Christian Center in Lake Park, MN talks about:
>Navigating through a church with a lot of history
>Experiences with church mergers
>Planning for the whiplash of digital transformation