Monday Morning Church

Virendra Vase

Virendra Vase, Executive Pastor at Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA talks about:
>His journey from Silicon Valley to working at a church
>Balancing staff evaluations between grace and results
>How he gets his staff outside the church

Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander, XP at Sun Valley Church and Consultant with the Unstuck Group, talks about:
>Lessons in chasing chaos, and one thing to be thankful for during uncontrolled growth
>”Solving problems doesn’t grow churches and doesn’t sustain momentum.”
>Administrative lessons from a father of four
>What policies actually encourage growth and culture

Sheila Hood

Sheila Hood, Administrative Pastor at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, Texas, talks about:
>The ever-expanding role of administration in a growing church
>Getting involved in marketplace ministry, and the big impact in the community
>How their successful financial freedom ministry got started and celebrates

Bill Bertsche

Bill Bertsche, Executive Pastor at Moody Church in Chicago, IL, talks about:
>Operating without a Senior Pastor
>Leading a church with 70 nationalities
>Transitioning in reporting managers

Mike Alexander

Mike Alexander, Executive Pastor at Westside Church in Bend, OR, talks about
>A healthy succession plan transition story
>Pack leadership
>Why everyone needs to eat the broccoli, but not all the time

Kay Larson

Kay Larson, Managing Director of Operations at Berean Baptist Church in Burnsville, MN talks about:
>What it means to lead “Team Give”
>What churches can learn from corporate HR
>Volunteer barriers

Justin Hume

Justin Hume, Media Director for Cross Church in northwest Arkansas, talks about:
>How to build a solid 60+ volunteer media team
>The importance of the Saturday check
>Inspirations from the secular world

Scott Leggett

Scott Leggett, XP at Santa Cruz Bible Church in Santa Cruz, CA talks about:
>Going from an unorganized fresh minister to becoming an XP
>Casting a new vision to old stakeholders
>Communicating to multiple congregations

Kevin Yoder

Kevin Yoder, the Director of Adult Ministries at Rivertown Church in Florida talks about:
>Turning a church with Mennonite roots into a multiplying multi-site
>Why excellence and bringing your best matters
>Their four most important metrics

Michael Upshur

Michael Upshur, Administrative Pastor at Grace Christian Church in Sterling Heights, MI talks about:
>Adjusting to transitioning from a world of being process driven to being relationally driven
>Redefining success from profits to life transformation
>Growing pains and pleasures
>Great resources