Monday Morning Church

Willie Hill

Willie Hill, Director of Operations for Revealing Truth Ministries in Tampa, FL talks about:
>Looking at everyone as a leader
>Matching personal vision of members with the corporate vision
>The elusive seamless communication plan

Bill Ferrell

Bill Ferrell, Administrative Pastor of The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, TX talks about
>Three questions every 30 days for direct reports
>The need for automated giving
>Why being part of a networking group is essential for XPs

Mike Vaughn

Mike Vaughn, Executive Pastor of Administration at Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, AZ talks about:
>How running his own business prepared him for ministry
>Should the church use more business language? Or vice versa?
>A bold hiring policy

Jeff Barber

Jeff Barber, Executive Director of Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX talks about:
>The value of interacting with churches all around the world
>Doing a building campaign in 2018
>Building a church for millennials, and other generations too

Troy McCoy

Troy McCoy, Executive Pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, FL talks about:
>Transforming a church split of 300 people into a thriving 3,000-strong community
>Being a “volunteer” XP and running a business on the side
>Being an early adopter of technology
>A great comprehensive giving tool

John Collins

John Collins, Executive Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California talks about:
>How they host large scale events without a separate organization
>Hiring slow, firing fast
>What they learned from conducting a survey among 12,000+ people

Don Long

Don Long of Castle Hills Church in San Antonio, TX talks about
>How to sell of part of your building you no longer need
>A unique approach to conflict resolution
>Addressing the balance of full-time staff, part-time, and volunteers

Lane Sebring

Lane Sebring, Executive Director at OneLife in Knoxville, TN talks about:
>Discipleship doesn’t always mean learning
>Why writing out your systems isn’t good enough
>The many advantages of workflow automation

Louis Timberlake

Louis Timberlake, Executive Pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in Greensboro, NC talks about:
>The importance of communication with the Senior Minister
>The advantage of having an outside coach
>How to get rid of committees you don’t need
>Communicating to 5 generations

Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson, lead pastor at Grace Fellowship in south Florida talks about:
>Life in the most never-reached area of the country
>Leading 6 campuses with only one English speaking church
>Being a voracious advice seeker