Monday Morning Church

Jud Boies

Jud Boies, Executive Pastor at Bayside Church in the Sacramento, CA area, talks about:
>Their experience planting churches AND doing a take-over
>The centralized shared-services model
>How they keep their goals clear
>Great tips for implementing new technology

Marc Davis

Marc Davis, Operations Director at New Hope Church, talks about

>A journey from nearly taking his life to working for the church he was directing traffic for
>The increasing need for church security and being a shepherd of your church
>Why they only build small churches
>How they implement the “hire slow, fire fast” mentality

Hunter Johnson

Hunter Johnson, Executive Pastor at Crossroads Church of Denver talks about:

>Recovering from an “involuntary church plant” that left a 2,000 member church with less than 700 people and a lot of debt
>The fears of going back to paid staff roles after using only volunteers
>How a crisis forces you to become much more relational

Chris Gunnare

Chris Gunnare, Executive Minister of Operations at Lutheran Church of Hope talks about:

>How he went from owning hotels to being the XP at a multisite church
>Why hiring preachers at video campuses isn’t the best idea
>”We’d rather clean up after a party than never have one”
>Why the “local-site” model is worth checking out

Randy Ongie

Randy Ongie, Executive Pastor at Mountain Lake Church, talks about:

>Creating a transparent financial environment
>The benefits and challenges of operating with a lean staff
>Keeping the balance being an organization and an organism
>The importance of process management

Rich Birch

Rich Birch, founder of unSeminary, talks about:

>What to do about the 94% of churches that are not keeping up with the growth of their communities
>The mindset that seminary-trained XPs need to adopt
>Why a relationships mindset is hard for those coming from the marketplace
>What happens when your labor-force and customers are the same people
>How the XP role will change in the near future, and the key data points you might not be tracking
>The one massive advantage that churches have in the digital age

Justin Atkins

Justin Atkins, Executive Pastor at McKinney Church, talks about:

>Leading an established church into a renewed culture
>The need to ‘exegeting’ the internal church culture
>When “love your neighbor” might need your actual neighbor
>Developing policies and systems that support ministry, not hinder it
>Don’t “fake it until you make it”, instead learn to ask the right questions

Joshua Thorell

Joshua Thorell, Director of Media Technology at Grace Chapel, talks about:

>Cracking the code on communication to avoid campus silos
>Creating job descriptions for volunteer positions and training for those roles
>How to encourage your IT team

Stu Hodges

Stuart Hodges, Lead Pastor at Waters Edge Church, talks about:

>The stress on systems and structures that 3+ campuses bring
>Navigating the challenges of leading and discipling in a multi-site distance scenario
>Utilizing TrainedUp and face to face interviews.
>The importance of developing leaders as you branch out to start new campuses

Blue Van Dyke

Blue Van Dyke of Christ’s Church of the Valley talks about:

>The magic that happens when you bring ministry and the marketplace together
>The tension between letting things be complex and simplifying them
>How the strategy helps you say “no” to good ideas
>Developing a member life cycle that allows you to focus on and market the right events
>Fostering a culture of innovation and fortitude by not being afraid of ‘misses’