Brent Nelson

Brent Nelson, Executive Pastor at the Westover Hills Assembly of God in San Antonio, TX, talks about:

>Moving from being a military chaplain, to a role at the Pentagon, to a local church
>”It’s amazing what people will do if we give them a taco”
>How starting with building volunteers ended up driving the entire church growth

Nathan Golden

Nathan Golden, Executive Pastor at Brooklake Church in Federal Way, WA, talks about:

>The shifting expectations on a ‘pastor’ from different generations
>Breaking down church silos
>Moving towards a culture of executing ideas

Amy Biegel

Amy Biegel, Executive & Children’s Pastor at The River in Marion, IN, talks about:

>How they use authenticity and a genuine love for the community to stand out
>Why they have a constant stream of social work interns
>What can be done when a XP role is created at a healthy church

Chris Tabberer

Chris Tabberer, Executive Administrator at FUMC Tulsa, talks about:

>What he learned from a career in TV advertising
>Building strong yet lenient policies
>Applying the lessons of data collection and personalization to motivate the church

Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris, Executive Pastor at Crossover Church in Tampa, FL, talks about:
>How a fast-paced career in universities and mismatched times led him to a church
>Building a church that is serious about the arts and has a strong discipleship foundation
>The origin of his podcast and book

Brian Dodd

Brian Dodd, Executive Director of New Ministry Partnerships at INJOY Stewardship Solutions, talks about:
>Why pastors needs to create a culture of generosity
>7 Giving Systems
>How he started his leadership blog

John Evans

John Evans, Director of IT at McGregor Baptist in Ft. Myers FL, talks about:
>Living through a ransomware attack
>Training users to not open spam emails
>Creating a system of standards

Craig Norton

Craig Norton, Operations Director at Harvest Church in Fort Worth, Texas, talks about:
>Changing senior leaders and getting to a place of health
>Finding freedom in a new, debt-free location
>Creating relationships and opportunities instead of expecting them to come

John King

John King, Executive Pastor at Bible Center Church in Charleston, West Virginia, talks about:
>Coming back to your hometown as an XP
>The importance of bold decision making
>Finding multiple revenue streams for the church

Dave Teixeira

Dave Teixeira, lead pastor at Cedar Mill Bible Church in Portland, Oregon, talks about
>Leading a church just down the road from Intel
>Being a youth pastor disguised as a lead pastor
>Why community feedback is so important